The 3 User Roles in your Account

There are three types of user roles in any Highrise account.

1. The Account Owner

There can be only one Account Owner for each Highrise account. This is usually the person who first signed up or created the Highrise account.

What the Account Owner can do:

2. Admins

You can have multiple admins in a Highrise account.

What admins can and cannot do:

3. Users

This is the default role when a new person is added to the account.

What users can and cannot do:

How do you know if you're an Account Owner, Admin, or User?

In the right hand corner of your account, you will find an Account & settings link. If you do not see this link, you're not the Account Owner.

Account Owner

Admins and users will find a Settings link in the right corner of the account. The amount of options listed under the Settings link indicates which role you have in the account.

Admins have options for: My Info, Templates, Users, Groups, Custom Fields, Logo and Display, and Referrals.

Users only have options for: My Info, Templates, and Referrals.

Admin User

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