Getting Started with Permissions

Each user can choose who can see information added to your account using permissions.

You can set permissions on contacts (people and companies), tasks, deals, cases, emails, and notes. Permissions let you restrict who can view your account data. You can specify permissions when you add data to Highrise, or edit the permissions later.

There are four levels of permissions for Highrise data.

The 4 levels of permissions

  1. Everyone: means every user that has access to your Highrise account can see this item.

  2. Just me: means only you can see this item.

  3. Me, plus this group: you and a pre-formed group of users can see the information (more on groups here).

  4. Me, plus these people: you and the different users you choose can see the information

Permissions Options

Here is an introduction to adjusting who can see what and using groups.

How to know who can see what?

Highrise indicates permissions in several different ways.

If a note or email is private to only a few people, that note or email will be marked Private in red.

Private Note

A contact that is not visible to everyone will be indicated by a red lock icon.

Private Contact

If you click to view information with limited permissions, Highrise will alert you who can see the contact, note, case, deal, or email.

Private View Contact

Private data in Highrise

Information added to Highrise with the permission Just Me is visible only to the user who created that information. Account Owners do not have access to these contacts, notes, emails, cases, or deals.

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