Find Your API Token

Each Highrise user has their own unique API Token. This API token is used to integrate your Highrise account with 3rd party apps.

There are lots of useful integrations to Highrise. See a full list here.

Find your API token by logging in and going to your My Info link.

If you’re an admin or a user, this link will be under the Settings section in the right corner of the account. The Account Owner will find this link under the Account & settings section in the right corner of the account.

My Info

Next, you'll see a tab for your Integrations. Copy the token to use with any of your integrations.

API Token

If you need to regenerate your API token, click the Regenerate link next to it.

Integrations will often ask for your API token and subdomain. Your subdomain is the phrase in your account URL.

For example, if your account is The subdomain is demo.

If you change your subdomain or account URL, this will impact your API token and any integrations you're using with Highrise.

Highrise is not involved in the development of any outside integrations. Each one is handled from start to finish by the 3rd party using our API.

Not finding what you need? Contact our support team for additional help.

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