Task Notifications and Reminders

Highrise will send you a notification when a task is assigned to you. It can also send reminder about when a task is due. Read more about changing your notification settings in Highrise.

Task reminders

There are three ways to receive reminders when your tasks are due:

  1. Email me when a task is due
  2. Email me a summary of today’s tasks at 6:00 am
  3. SMS reminder when a task is due

You can also choose not to receive reminders.

Which tasks generate reminders?

Task notifications

When you assign a task to one of your team members, they will receive an email notification.

Task Notification Email

Time zones and tasks

The time zone that you chose for yourself will determine when you receive task notifications and reminders. You can change your time zone setting by following these steps.

If one Highrise user assigns a task to another user, the time will be converted into the local timezone of the person responsible for that task.

Midnight tasks

If you assign a task and set the time due for midnight (0:00 or 12:00 am), Highrise will show this task as due the previous day. We recommend setting tasks for 12:01 am instead of 12:00 am.

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