Use Gmail with Highrise

If you use Gmail or Google Apps, you can send email directly from Highrise, and keep communication with contacts connected to them. You can also show your Highrise tasks on your Google Calendar to see your to-do list there.

Import contacts from Google

Have contacts in your Gmail account?

You can export them from Google and import them to use in Highrise. Go to your contacts in Google, click More, then Export.

From there, select Google CSV, and you can follow our step by step guide to prepare and import those contacts into Highrise.

Setting up the Gmail integration

Connect your Gmail account to send emails directly out of Highrise. Check out our guide on connecting your Gmail or Google Apps account.

Using a Gmail alias? Not to worry, we have you covered there too.

Once connected, when viewing a contact, you can email them directly from Highrise.

Email from contact

Set up Gmail autoforwarding

Highrise can operate as your entire email inbox, not only can you send email from Highrise, you can receive incoming email too.

There are a few steps to autoforwarding Gmail to Highrise, which we have outlined here.

This brings all of your email into Highrise. If you would rather only certain incoming emails be connected with contacts in Highrise, you can manually forward those emails to your dropbox address instead.

Connect Highrise tasks to Google Calendar

Tasks that have a specific date and time associated with them can be automatically connected and displayed on your Google Calendar.

From the main tasks page in Highrise, click on Subscribe to your task feed. Copy the webcal link you see there, and go to your Google Calendar.

Click the drop down arrow next to Other Calendars and choose the Add by URL option.

Paste in your tasks feed link and click Add calendar.

Not finding what you need? Contact our support team for additional help.

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