Upload Files or Attachments

You can attach a file to any note or comment in Highrise.

1. Drag and Drop attachments

You can drag files (PDFs, Excel files, JPGs, etc.) from your local directory and drop them in the compose box to attach them to a note.

Drag and Drop Files

2. Upload the file attachment

Click the Show options link under the note or comment text box. Upload your files by clicking the Choose File button and selecting the file from your computer.

Choose File to Upload

Once you’ve added your files, select your permissions and click the Add this note button at the bottom of the screen.

Finding your files

Use the activity filters to find files from your Latest Activity section, any contact or case or deal page.

Click Latest Activity and choose Files from the dropdown options.

Find Files Latest Activity

Scroll through to find files for all activity, or activity related to a specific contact, case, or deal.

You can also filter by a specific user or member of your team to find only files added by that person.

Add a descriptive file name for your files to make it easy to find when searching later.

Not finding what you need? Contact our support team for additional help.

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