Sharing Notes and @ Mentions

You can notify a member of your team when you add a note, an email, or a comment to Highrise.

1. @ mentions

Like many social media and collaboration tools, you can use the @ sign in Highrise to tag a team member and send them a notification.

Tag a team member by using the format @initials, @firstname, or @firstname+lastinitial.

For example, you could notify a team member named Michael Scott by typing @ms, @michael, or @michaels.

The @firstname will only work for users in your account if they don’t share a first name with another user.

Mentions Show Options

Tagging a user with the @ sign will automatically select their name in the notification chooser.

2. Pick and Choose

You can also click the Show Options link when adding a note or comment, and manually select users you would like to email.

Selected users will receive an email notification about the information in Highrise.

Respond to Email Notifications

When you receive an email about a note or comment, you can reply to the email and your response will automatically be added into Highrise.

Email Notification Note

Reply to the notification via email.

Replies will be added to Highrise as comments on a note or an email.

Email Comment

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