Import Contacts from vCard

Highrise Sample vCard

A vCard, or virtual address card, is a standard format of exchanging data between applications. It's used in many applications, including the Mac Address Book and iOS contacts.

You can export contacts as vCards from another application and then import them into Highrise by going to the Contacts tab.

Contacts Tab

Click the Import link on the right side of the Contacts page.

Contacts Import

Select the vCard option:

Import vCard

You can import one contact or multiple contacts in a vCard file. In this example, we’re going to import one person from one vCard file.

Upload the file from your computer, and select the permissions for the new contacts.

vCard Permissions

You will be given a chance to review the contacts you’ve imported into Highrise.

If the contact or contacts look correct, click the Yes, they’re OK link. If the contacts aren’t correct, click the No, undo this import link to reformat your contacts.

vCard Example

If you’re importing a vCard file that includes a contact that already exists in Highrise, that contact will be ignored because it’s a duplicate.

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