How to Undo an Import

To undo an import, click on the Contacts link on the left side of your account. From this page, there are two ways to find contacts that you’ve recently imported.

1. Recent imports

In the right sidebar, you will see a list of your recent imports. Next to each import is an undo link. Click the undo link to remove any contacts or changes made by that import. This is the best option for undoing changes or edits made by an import to existing contacts.

You can only undo an import for up to 7 days after the import date.

Undo Imports

2. Filter recently imported contacts

At the top of the page, change the view to select the Recently imported people & companies. This will display the contacts from your latest import.

Click the Select all link or choose Select all of your contacts, and click the Delete tab to remove the contacts you no longer want.

Recently Imported Delete Contacts

You should undo imports in reverse chronological order, from most recent to least recent. If you undo imports out of order or receive an error, please contact support.

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