How to Import Tags

Tags can be imported into Highrise from a CSV or Excel file. (vCard format does not support adding tags.)

In your spreadsheet, add a column with the header Tags. Place tags for each contact in this column. You can include more than one tag by separating tags with a comma.

Here’s an example of importing the tags Design and Highrise.

Import Tags

Importing new contacts with tags

Upload a CSV or Excel file that includes a tags column.

Import New Contacts

When matching data fields to Highrise, choose the Highrise field Tags for the tags column in your file.

Once imported, the tags are added to each contact.

Added Tags Successful

Updating existing contacts with tags

When updating contacts, you can either add tags or replace tags when reviewing your information.

In this example, choose the second option to Delete the existing tags and replace with the tags in my file.

Replace Tags

Once imported and updated, you will see the new tags in place of the old tags.

Replaced Tags Successful

Export tagged contacts

Need to export contacts based on a tag? Read about how to export tagged contacts or watch this example.

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