How to Export Notes, Emails, Cases, and Deals

Highrise will export all the notes and emails from your contacts, cases, and deals as TXT files. The data is in YAML format, which is both human readable and machine readable.

Currently, you can only export all notes & emails at once. It's not possible to export a segment of notes or emails.

Users with export rights can export notes and emails from Highrise. If you don’t see an Export link, contact your Account Owner or an admin to grant you export access.

Export your data

You can export notes and emails from two places in Highrise.

1. From the Contacts page

Click the Contacts tab.

Contacts Tab

Click the Export link on the right side of your Contacts page.

Export Link

Choose the Download all notes & emails link.

Export Zip File

2. From the My Info page

Go to the My Info section of your account.

Find My Info

Scroll down and click the Download this Data link on the right side of the page.

Export Data

You’ll receive an email in a few minutes with a link to download your data.

What the export contains

The data is presented in a single zip file. When you decompress the file you’ll see up to three directories: contacts, cases, and deals.

Each directory contains text files. A contact text file, as seen in the example below, has the contact’s name.

Exported Contacts Data

When you open a contact file, you’ll see all the notes/emails attached to that person.

Exported File Example

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