Transfer Information Between Highrise Accounts

If you use more than one Highrise account, you can transfer information between the two accounts by exporting and importing. Currently, it’s not possible to merge two Highrise accounts.

1. Export contacts

Export the contacts you want to transfer in CSV or Excel format from one account.

2. Remove the Highrise ID

Remove the Highrise ID (the first column) from your CSV or Excel file.

This Highrise ID is unique to each account. It’s used to update existing contacts of an account, so it will not be necessary when moving contacts to your other account. Leaving it in your file could overwrite data in your second account.

3. Import the contacts

After removing the Highrise ID, import your CSV or Excel file into your second Highrise account.

Importing cases and deals

Currently, you cannot import any notes/emails, cases, deals, tasks, or files into Highrise. We're exploring ways to make this possible in the future.

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