Manage Products and Services with Highrise

A lot goes into making a product or maintaining a service. With vendors, customers, and internal projects all needing attention, plenty of information could get lost as you go about your day.

Keeping information all in one place can help you save time and money. Here's a few ways you can start pulling everything together with Highrise:

Step 1: Forward important email with your dropbox address

When you're working with vendors or customers having context on conversations and projects is of utmost importance. Using a special email address, called your dropbox address, you can forward any important email from your inbox directly to Highrise, and associate that email with your contact.

Email Thread Example

Each user has their own unique address, and you can find it by going to Settings > My Info.

Find Dropbox Address

Step 2: Import vendors, customers, and other contacts

Contacts are the core of Highrise, and you can import them in directly from a spreadsheet. Think of anyone you work with, communicate with, or want to keep track of.

Have specific information you reference, such as the date you started working with a particular vendor? Set up custom fields to keep any information you need.

Step 3: Use notes to track details

You can keep notes on contacts, Cases, and Deals (the latter two help you organize projects and sales pipelines). Document phone conversations, attach a client agreement, or update project status. Notes provide the additional context you and your team need to stay up to date on all that's going on.

Drag and Drop Files

Step 4: Set tasks to keep up with deadlines

You can create tasks from any page in Highrise, and associate them with contacts, Deals, Cases, emails, and even notes.

Examples of Tasks

Tasks have categories, such as meeting and call. You can also create custom categories to fit your needs. These tasks can be viewed on your calendars outside of Highrise, and can help you keep up with deadlines and other needed to-do's.

Other tips

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