Task Dropbox Addresses

You can forward an email to Highrise and create a task about that email at the same time by using special task dropbox addresses.

For example, if you forward an email to:


Highrise creates a task related to that email that is due tomorrow. The subject line of the email will be used as the subject or name of the task and there will be a link to the original email, which will also be attached to the sender in Highrise.

Task Added by Email

You can create tasks via email using the general time frames:

Find your task dropbox address underneath your main dropbox address.

Task Dropbox Address

Save these addresses in your email client to quickly create tasks while adding emails to Highrise.

Creating Tasks via Email

You can also create a task via email without associating it with a forwarded email message by sending an email to a special dropbox address.

You can find your task dropbox addresses by navigating to the My Info section of your account.

If you’re an admin or a user, this link will be under the Settings section in the right corner of the account. The Account Owner will find this link under the Account & settings section in the right corner of the account.

Find My Info

Now click on the Email dropbox link and scroll down to the middle of the page to locate your task dropbox addresses.

Find Task Dropbox Addresses

For example, if you forward an email to:


Sending an email to that address will create a task due tomorrow. The subject line of your email will be used as the name of the task.

You can create tasks that are due for the general time frames:

Tasks sent to dropbox+date will create a task related to an email
Tasks sent to task+date will create a new task

Each user in your account has their own unique dropbox addresses. Just like your primary dropbox address, only email addresses that you approve can be used to create tasks via email.

Currently, you can't create a task via email and assign it to another person. You also can't assign a task created by email to a category or schedule it for a specific date or time.

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