Getting Started with Your Dropbox Address

Send email messages into your Highrise account using your dropbox address.

What is a dropbox address?

A dropbox address is a special email address used to send email into a Highrise account. You can Blind-Carbon-Copy (BCC) or forward emails directly to your dropbox address.

Each user in your account has their own unique dropbox addresses. Only email addresses that you approve can be used with your dropbox addresses.

How do you find your dropbox address?

You can find your dropbox address by navigating to the My Info section of your account.

If you’re an admin or a user, this link will be under the Settings section in the right corner of the account. The Account Owner will find this link under the Account & settings section in the right corner of the account

Find My Info

Now click on the Email dropbox link to see your personal dropbox address.

Find Dropbox Address

How to use your dropbox address

First, make sure that your email address is approved. The email address associated with your Highrise account will automatically be approved to send to your dropbox.

However, if you use other email addresses (such as a personal address), you will need to add those to Highrise.

Approve your email addresses

You can add email addresses to be used with your dropbox address under the My Info section of your account.

Find My Info

Under the Email dropbox tab, scroll down to the last section of the page title Enter any other email addresses you use, and enter more email addresses there.

Update Email Addresses

After adding email addresses, click the Update my email addresses button.

These are the only addresses that can be used to send to your dropbox address. If you use an unapproved email address, Highrise will notify you with a bounce message.

Send emails via BCC

One of the fastest ways to add emails to Highrise is to BCC your dropbox whenever you send an important email.

The dropbox enables Highrise to receive the message and associate your email with the contact in your account that matches the email address in the To: field.

Dropbox Address Example

What if I BCC my dropbox address and the contact is not in Highrise?

Highrise will automatically create a new contact from the person in the To: field or the CC field and attach the email to that person or people.

Every contact in Highrise must have a first name, so Highrise will add the email address to the first name field. You can edit the contact later to adjust their details.

The steps above will only create a person contact in Highrise; they will not create a company contact.

Forwarding emails to your dropbox address

If you forgot to BCC your dropbox address or received an email from someone else, you can forward the message to your dropbox address.

Highrise scans the headers of the forwarded message to associate the email with the right contact:

Date: March 24, 2015 at 5:30:22 PM EDT
Subject: March Schedule

Highrise will attach the message to the contact with the corresponding email address in the From: field of the forwarded message.

Forward Dropbox Example

Important note: Highrise works best with plain-text formatted email. A few email clients (Outlook, Airmail) hide the headers of forwarded messages or send HTML formatted mail.

This means Highrise can't attach the message to a contact in your account. Please make sure you forward plain-text email only.

Read more about common errors with your dropbox address.

Forwarding with commands

Use commands when forwarding email to your dropbox address to tell Highrise what to do with the information that you're forwarding.

There are four commands that you can enter in a body of the forwarded email.

1. /private or /private GROUP NAME

Makes the email you forward automatically private to you or private to the group that you add after /private.



2. /tag TAG NAME

Adds the email and a tag to the contact with the associated email address in the From: field. If you want to add multiple tags, add each one on a separate line in the body of the forwarded message:



3. /case CASE NAME

Files the email automatically to the case listed after /case. If you want to create a new case, add:

/case New Case

This creates a case titled New Case in your account.

4. /deal DEAL NAME

Files the email automatically to the deal listed after /deal. If you want to create a new deal, add:

/deal New Deal

This creates a deal titled New Deal in your account.

Make sure you enter the commands exactly how they're formatted above. If you include a space after the slash, e.g. / private – it breaks the command.

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