View Filters

You can filter your contacts by changing the views across the top of your Contacts page.

Here is a breakdown of each view:

Please note: Activity for these filters is defined by a contact with an e-mail sent or received, a note added, a task created or completed, and an update through API or contact editor within the time period selected.

Filter Contacts

Filter by last time contacted

You can see the last time someone was contacted from the main contacts view.

Last emailed contacts

In Highrise, you can track email using your dropbox address, the Gmail/Google Apps or Outlook integration, or by autoforwarding incoming emails directly into your account.

Each time you have an email interaction with someone, or leave a note about them, Highrise records it on the contact's page. Use view filters to find contacts that do not have any emails or notes within certain timeframes.

Timeframes for filtering contacts without a note or email include:

Since . . .

Using this filter, you can see who you may not have spoken to recently, and you can use Broadcast to email them all at once and follow up.

Last emailed contacts

TIP: Always remember to follow-up with contacts!

Saved Filters

Highrise gives you the option to save any filter. You can find this option when filtering by any field, view, or tag.

Saved filter

Click Save this filter to name your filter and save it.

Access any saved filters in the same menu option as view filters. By default up to 5 saved filters show, click More to view all saved filters.

Saved filter

Saved filters are shared amongst all users in your account. If you delete a saved filter, the deletion is permanent.

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