Custom Fields

Custom fields allow you to customize contact records and keep track of any special information relevant to your organization.

For example, you could add a custom field called Referred by to track who referred a customer to you. Or Spouse’s name so that you’ll never forget the name of the husband or wife of one of your contacts. Or maybe a field called University to remember which college someone went to.

Adding Custom Fields

Only the Account Owner and admins are able to create custom fields.

The Account Owner and admins can create custom fields from their Settings and selecting Custom fields.

Custom Fields Settings

Custom fields can also be added by when creating or editing a contact in Highrise. Go to a contact and click Edit this person or Edit this company in the upper right corner of the page.

Scroll down below the standard contact information fields and click the link to Manage your custom fields.

Custom Fields Block

You can manage your custom fields from this page.

Custom Fields Setup

Type in your custom field and click Add to create a new custom field.

Custom fields are shared with and visible to all Highrise users.

When you add a custom field to Highrise, it will be added to both people and company contacts. (Currently, Highrise does not support unique fields for only people or only companies.)

Adding Pre-Defined Values

Click Add pre-defined values to restrict the choices available for that particular field going forward. Using pre-defined values helps avoid data entry errors and keeps information uniform for that custom field.

Using Custom Field Information

Custom fields appear right below the contact information. In the example below, you can see three custom fields (Category, College, and Referred By).

Custom Fields Sidebar

You can filter contacts by any of your custom fields the same way you can filter by any other field.

Click the Contacts tab on the left sidebar. Select the filter icon at the top of the page.

Click on a custom field and search for the term you want to filter by.

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