How to File Notes & Emails to a Deal

You can file any note or email to a deal. Filing notes & emails helps you link information to both a contact page and a deal.

Filing notes

When adding a note to a contact's page, click the Show options link and select a deal from the pull down options. You can search or scroll to find a deal.

When you add your note, it will also be added to the selected deal.

Notes Deals

File existing notes or emails

You can also edit an existing note or email to attach it to a deal.

Hover your cursor over the bottom of the note or email and click the Edit link. Use the pull down menu to attach it to an existing deal, then save your changes.

The note or email will appear on the deal page and on the contact's page.

Forward emails to a deal dropbox

Every deal has a unique dropbox address, visible at the top of the deal. You can add emails from your inbox by forwarding or BCC'ing a deal dropbox address.

Highrise will receive the email and automatically attach it to the correct deal in your account. In the example below, we BCC a deal dropbox address and the email appears on the deal page.

Deal Dropbox Example

File email to create a new deal

You can create deals via email by using your Highrise dropbox address. Forward an email directly to your dropbox address, and place the new deal directive in the body of the forwarded message.

/deal NEW DEAL

Adding /deal NEW DEAL to the email will create a new deal that includes the email you forwarded. You can replace NEW DEAL with whatever you want to name the deal you're creating. See an example.

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