Deal Custom Fields

Keep track of any special information relevant to your deals with custom fields.

For example, you could add a custom field called Close Date to track when a deal is expected to close. Or Account Number to keep track of important information related to a potential prospect.

Deal custom fields are shared with and visible to all Highrise users.

Adding Custom Fields

Please note: Only the Account Owner and admins are able to create deal custom fields.

Custom fields can be added by navigating to your Custom Fields page. The Account Owner and admins will find this under their Settings.

Find Deal Custom Fields

Scroll down the page to find the Fields for Deals section.

Create Deal Custom Fields

Add new fields here to be used on any of your Deals. Click Add pre-defined values to restrict the choices available for that particular field going forward.

Once added, you can edit an existing Deal or create a New Deal to add information to these fields.

Add Deal Custom Fields

Using Deal custom field information

Custom fields appear on the right side of the Deal's page. In the example below, you can see two custom fields, Expected Close Month and Probability under the Additional Info section.

Deal Custom Fields Sidebar

Deal custom fields are sorted in alphabetical order. If you click on one of the deal custom fields, it will filter all Deals by that field.

For example, clicking on the Expected Close Month field filters all Deals by Expected Close Month: March.

Deal Filter Custom Field Example

Read more on filtering deal custom fields to manage your pipeline.

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