Verify Your Contacts' Email Addresses

If a contact has an outdated or invalid email address, any emails sent to this contact will bounce. A bounce negatively impacts your sender reputation.

Highrise recommends emailing your contacts at regular intervals and not Broadcasting anyone you haven't contacted in the last 6 months. Minimally you should verify your contacts' email addresses if your last contact was more than 6 months ago. A 3rd party service, BriteVerify can help you verify and confirm your contacts' email addresses are still valid.

First, sign up for a BriteVerify account here and follow these steps.

Export Highrise contacts

Export your Highrise contacts and remove all columns from the file, except the Highrise ID and Email Address - Work columns.

It might look like the following:

Example for Import

Import into BriteVerify

This guide can help do that.

After uploading your file, BriteVerify will verify each of the email addresses in it. Make sure to download the full results when completed.

BriteVerify Full Results

View the results

Open the file and the view the results. BriteVerify will add an email_status and secondary_status column to your exported file.

It might look like the following:

BriteVerify Full Results

BriteVerify will return one of the following statuses:

We recommend unsubscribing all contacts that return as invalid, unknown, or accept all statuses from future Broadcast messages.

Edit file to unsubscribe contacts

Add a Subscribed column and the value FALSE for any addresses that return with invalid, unknown, or accept all statuses.

Import Update to Unsubscribe

Update existing contacts

Follow these steps to unsubscribe the contacts at once.

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