Measuring Message Performance

Once you send your message, click the Broadcast tab in the left sidebar.

Batch Email icon

This shows you how your messages have performed. Find opened and clicked percentages for each message.

Bulk Email Performed

Click on each percentage to see who opened or clicked those messages on your Contacts page.

Filter by Broadcast Performance

Opened, clicked, and bounced notifications

If a contact opens, clicks, or the message bounces, Highrise adds a note to the contact's page. This note will not appear in your Latest Activity stream.

Open Notification

Please note: Highrise only shows unique opens or clicks. If a contact opens or clicks your message more than once, the note will only show once in your contact's activity stream.

What happens if my access is paused during a send?

If your access to Broadcast is paused before your message is delivered, you can find the percentage of recipients that have received the email and the percentage that has not received the email from your Broadcast page.

The following example shows 29% sent and 71% in progress. You can click on each percentage link to filter by the contacts that have received the message, and the contacts that have not received the message.

Paused Sent or Not

Please note: If your access is paused during a send, any messages that were in progress will not be delivered.

You can find any of your failed messages following these steps.


Filter by messages sent from different members of your team and in a certain time period.

The filter options display at the top of your Broadcast page. Click everyone to filter by a user's name or account was created to filter by a time frame.

Broadcast filters

Time frames for filtering Broadcast messages include:

Since . . .

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