Turn Features On and Off

Only the Account Owner and admins toggle features on and off in your account.

Start by going to the Settings section of the account and selecting the Logo and display link.

Logo and Color Link

Here you find the Features section.

Features section

The Account Owner and admins can toggle on and off the following features using the checkmark:

If you choose to turn any of these off, it will be account wide meaning it turns off these features for any other people with access to your account. We recommend checking with your team before turning any of these off.

Turning features off

If you turn off a feature by unchecking the box, no existing data is deleted. The feature will no longer show in the left sidebar of your account for all users. All existing data is still accessible in your account.

Features off

For example:

You will notice some options no longer show, including:

Turning features on

If you turn a feature back on by checking the box, all the existing data remains and features return to the left sidebar for all users.

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